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4 Running Podcasts to Motivate You

When I first discovered running podcasts, I went podcast crazy.

I downloaded every running related podcast that I could find. And to be honest, it became overwhelming to try to fit them all in.

Podcasts are great company on a long run. Listening to a running podcast will make the first ten miles of a twenty miler fly right by.

There are a lot of great running podcasts floating around in the podcast world.

Here are 4 of my favorite Running Podcasts.

  1. UltraRunner Podcast–As the title shows this podcast focuses on ultrarunning. It has highly motivating interviews with some of today’s finest ultrarunners. Host, Eric Shranz, keeps the podcast fresh with a great interview style and new content weekly. If you want the motivation to run an ultra, listen in to UltraRunner podcast.
  2. Endurance Planet–This podcast has a very strong following for a reason. I personally have learned more about training and nutrition from this podcast then any other. Tawnee Prazak’s passion and education shine through as she interviews experts on running, strength training, and nutrition. I strongly suggest listening to all the older episodes of Ask The Ultrarunner with Lucho, the shows are down to earth, and you will learn a ton about specific endurance training. If you want to deepen your knowledge on all things endurance related check out Endurance Planet.
  3. TrailRunner Nation— This podcast is a great place to inspire you to run more on trails. It is a well rounded resource to learn about racing strategy, mental training, nutrition and everything trailrunning related.  TrailRunner Nation is very entertaining and informative for the beginner and well-seasoned runner.
  4. Science of Ultra— This is a great new podcast that is breaking new ground by focusing on the science of what can make us better ultrarunners. I suggest giving it a try and you will no doubt come away smarter and inspired.


Of course, there are many more podcasts out there.


What is your favorite running podcast?

2 responses to “4 Running Podcasts to Motivate You”

  1. Jw says:

    Talk ultra and elevation trail are great too.

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