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6 Running Habits for 2015


I love starting a new year of running. Even though January is no different than any other month, I always like the feeling of starting out fresh. A new year and new running goals.

I am still working on my running goals for the year. Find them here.

Have you chosen your goals for the year yet? Now is the time.

To meet my goals and for you to meet your goals, it is important to form running habits.

After almost 2 decades of running I have already formed running habits, but in 2015 I am going to work on one new running habit every 2 months. By sticking to the habits for 60 days they will become actual habits. I habit is formed, not after 30 days, but more likely after 60 days.

These habits will help me run stronger, meet my 2015 running goals, and enjoy running even more.

I invite you to try these habits for yourself or create your own.

My 6 Running Habits for 2015

January, February–Run everyday for 2 months. Start a running streak. Day 7, and so far so good.

March, April–Do leg-strengthening exercises every other day.

May, June–Eat clean healthy food. No junk food.

July, August–Run Tech-Free. No ipod, GPS, Heart-Rate Monitor,etc.

September, October–to be announced.

November, December–to be announced.

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What running habits do want to start in 2015?

What do feel are the most important running habits you have already formed?

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