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7 Reasons You Should Run a Marathon


I think every runner should at least consider running a marathon.


Because if you run, you can run a marathon. Whether you are only running 2 miles or 20, the power is in your hands to run a marathon.

If you train for a marathon, your running will become a habit.

Here are 7 reasons I think you should run a marathon in 2015: 

1. Build Endurance–Endurance is every runner’s building block, and marathon training builds it. 

2. Eat Healthier, and More–Having a marathon on the mind will force even the biggest junk food addict to lean toward healthier food, and more of it.

3. Run out of your Comfort Zone–The desire to finish strong and fast will propel you to do more speedwork and longer runs.

4. Build Mental Grit–Mental strength is often overlooked, but necessary to run a marathon. 

5, Put Life in Perspective–Preparing for and accomplishing such a huge task helps us realize the things we often worry about are not always as big as they seem. 

6. Bust out of Bad Habits–Habits we would like to break—like sleeping in—can be broken with the need to run more miles, more often.

7. It is only the Beginning–A marathon is only a stepping stone to more marathons, more running and a seasoned athlete.


The reasons to run the marathon are practically endless. Every athlete should run at least one, and if you already have, why not another?

Have you run a marathon?

Why would you suggest a runner should try it out?



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