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A 30 Day Running Challenge



Are you looking for a way to push your running to the next level?

Are you in a running rut?

Or, are you simply wanting to start running regularly?

The easy fix: take The 30 Day Running Challenge!


The challenge: Run more days or miles in the next 30 days than you have ever run before.

Whether you are shooting for 10 miles or 100,this challenge will spur your running on to the next level.

Now is the time.

Tips to Successfully Complete the Challenge

  1. Decide the Distance or Days–Look back at your records and figure out what is the most you have ever run in a 30 day period. Set your goal to run at least one more mile or one more day during your 30 day running challenge.
  2. Choose a Time–You do not have to do the challenge during a single month. Instead, why not start the challenge tomorrow?
  3. Log your Runs–Don’t forget to keep track of your runs in a running log or online tracker, such as Strava.
  4.  Have a Friend Join You–Have an accountability partner will help you stick to your goal and also will give you someone to share the challenge with.
  5. Enjoy the Process and Form a Running Habit–Be sure to just enjoy each and every one of your runs. The great thing about the challenge is there really is not much pressure. You have run this far before, just tack on one more mile. During the challenge you will solidify your running habit.
  6. Tell me about it!–I would love to hear what your challenge is and how it ends up. If you would like I will even check up on you during the process. Contact me here.



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