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Call Yourself a Runner


Calling yourself a runner is the first step towards being a runner.

Do you consider yourself a runner?

To be called a runner, how many miles, races or times a week do you have to run?

Runner defined: a person who runs as part of a sport, for exercise, or in a race.

Last month I ran every day of the month, this week I only ran 3 days. Still, I don’t consider myself less of a runner this week than I did all of last month.

A runner is someone who runs. Running is a habit. Whether it is once a week or 7 days a week, a runner runs regularly.

Being a runner is a mindset.

For example, you may get injured and not be able to run for a year. Are you still a runner? That is up to you.

Or, you may decide you no longer want to run. Are you still a runner?

Nobody can classify you as a runner or non-runner.

It is up to you to decide if you are  a runner or not.

You decide where your mind goes? Runners think about running, some more than others. Think about it and do it.




Be a runner.





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