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Consistency- A Runner’s Best Friend



Are you a consistent runner? 

To answer that, we need to first define consistency.

Consistency can be defined: steadfast adherence to the same course, or route.

To be a consistent runner, you must have a running routine. It is the the rare consistent runner that leaves their running to chance. Saying,”ahh, I will run when I get around to it.”

Chances are you will not get around to it. You will be the runner who runs for a week, quits for 3 months, runs for a month, then stops for a year and so on.

Is that the runner you aspire to be?

One of the reasons I love running is because it is consistent with me. It is always there waiting, truly a loyal friend that gets me through the good times and the bad. But, if you do not return to it regularly it will lose its affect.

The longer you wait in between runs the harder it is to be consistent.

The runners I know who run every day, will keep running every day. They are consistent.

The runners I know who might run every 2 or 3 weeks, will probably  not stick with it. They are not consistent.

So, how can you become a consistent runner?


Be a consistent runner and you will be a more successful runner.

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