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Runs: all begin somewhere.

Runners: all begin somewhere.

Routines: all begin somewhere.

Running is one of the most simplistic, minimalist activities that you can perform.

Most of us have all ran at one time or another.

It begins with crawling, then walking. As soon as we can we begin running.

As children we run;

Not because someone told us to, not to get in shape or lose weight.

We run because it feels good.

Sadly, many of us stop running. We leave the running routine behind, along with the benefits it brings.

How do you start running again?


People that run regularly, have only done one thing differently than the ones that don’t run: They have practiced running routines.

Running routine 1–Choose what days you will run this week. It doesn’t matter how far, it could be for 2 minutes. Write these days down in a running log. Run on these days. Then, run on the same days the next week, and the next, and one more. 4 weeks in a row. You have created your running routine.

Start your own Running Streak.

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