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How to Run Faster

I would like to run faster.

Who wouldn’t?

Since day one runners have been striving to run faster, and they have been achieving their goals successfully.

Running faster is within any runner’s grasp–no matter your age, experience or natural abilities.

I started running 17 years ago and I have seen increases in my speed each year, and this is with a minimal focus on speed. I have also done a lot of very technical and focused speedwork, which also works, but is not totally necessary. It can be overwhelming.

The key to running faster is implementing simple habits into your running routine. These habits will help everyone from the 1-mile racer to the ultramarathoner run faster.

Here are 5 Minimalist Habits to Run Faster:

  1. Run more miles– Simply adding miles to your weekly average will help you see speed gains. So start adding 15 to 20 percent a week.
  2. Simple Speedwork– At least once a week throw some speedwork into a run. For example, in the middle of your normal run try running 30 seconds fast than 30 seconds easy for 5 minutes.
  3. Leg Exercises–Once or twice a week after or before your run do bodyweight squats, lunges and calf-raises. Start with 25 of each.
  4. Run Hills–Have some running routes that include hills. When you get to a hill, burst up it. Don’t worry if you can’t burst up the whole hill, soon you will be able to. This small habit will do wonders for your speed.
  5. Keep Track–Start a log today of Personal Bests. Write your fastest time at certain distances on specific routes. Your 1 mile best, 5 mile best, 10 mile best, etc.

Start with one habit at a time. Soon you will be getting faster without even trying.

What minimalist running habits have helped you get faster?



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