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Less Tech in 2017


I run with technology. 

Daily I use a Garmin GPS watch and I almost always listen to podcasts on my iPhone. I would not say that I am addicted to my devices or technology, but I think running with a little less tech would be a good thing.


Running is pure. Running is simple. And, one of the main reasons I run is to clear my mind and let the anxieties of life drift away with each of my fallen foot steps. There is nothing wrong with running tech, but always running with devices steals some of the peace that comes with running.

The Proposal

I propose taking a month, for me it will be January, and choose to run with technology half of the time. One day on, one day off. It will be hard for me to leave the podcasts and GPS behind but I think it will be liberating.

I am also going to limit technology use for a month in my day to day life. I need the laptop and internet for my work, but I am going to use it less.

The Less Tech in Home Goals

Are you with me?

Do you always run with technology?

Do you feel running with less would help?


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