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My Running Goals

‘It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.’~~Ernest Hemingway

The racing season is over and I have let my mind and body rest. It is now the time to set next years running goals.

1. Run 10 miles in 60 minutes–Ever since I read Bernd Heinrich’s book, Why We Run, I have wanted to be able to cruise through a 10 mile run in less than an hour. That was about 7 years ago. The closest I have got is 10  miles in 70 minutes.  As an ultra runner I mostly concentrate on long long runs, not a whole lot of speedwork. This running season I am starting out with pure speedwork to reach the goal of running 10 miles in 60 minutes or less.

2. Run More Miles than 2014–I do not have the final number yet, but I want to run more volume in 2015 than 2014. It looks like my total for 2014 will be about 1800-1900. So, I want to break 2000 miles for 2015. I will need to average about 39 miles a week, which should be fairly easy.

3. Run a Month Tech-Free–In other words run for 30 days without a GPS, IPOD or watch. No electronics. Just run without thinking about speed, miles or the podcast I may be listening to.

4. Get My Maffetone Pace Below 7 Minute Miles–Right now it is around 7:45. I am looking forward to seeing if my highly focused speedwork will bring it down, along with higher volume. More on Maffetone in a further post.


All of these goals will demand mini goals. For example, to run 10 miles in 60 minutes will require a lot of focused speedwork, increased mileage and faster leg turnover. I will post a monthly progress report on each goal.

Even though these goals are set, it is the journey, each foot step that really matters. It is good to have running goals to help you progress and motivate you, but, more importantly it is enjoying the journey of every run.

What are your running goals for 2015?


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