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Run and Be Happy

Running makes me happy.

The benefits of running are endless: stay fit, lose weight, be healthy, find focus, set goals and meet them, challenge yourself, feel stronger, etc.

But, at the top of the list–Run, and be happy.

I like to emphasize to new and beginning runners the fact that running alone will help you be happier. Of course, it is not all we need. But, running is a source of joy.

The simplistic act of running for 20 or 30 minutes can pick a person up and make them feel good about themselves. When you really need to sort things out, a nice steady hour long run or even longer can clear your mind and help you solve the daily complications of life.

Why does running make us happy?

Establishing a good running routine is a habit that no runner regrets.


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Call for comments: Has running helped you be happy?

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