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RUN-Stronger, Faster, Smarter, Farther in 2017



These are 4 of the pillars to successful running.

Step by step, mile by mile, workout by workout, month by month you can increase in all four of these disciplines.

This year I am going to publish a comprehensive month by month guide to help you achieve all of your running goals this year and to use in the years to come. The plan can be used for any level of runner: beginners to elites. And, can be incorporated into other training and race programs. Don’t worry about age or ability, this plan will work for you.

This is a preview of what we will be laser focusing on in the next 12 months here at StrongerRunners:

January: Get stronger by focusing on a few running specific basic bodyweight strength workouts. Our minimalist strength plan outlines how to get stronger with consistent low volume bodyweight exercises.

Minimalist Strength Plan for Runners

February: Get faster by doing specific speed workouts. I will be providing weekly speed workouts for runners of all levels.

How to Run Faster

March: Get smarter by tweaking your daily habits and running routines. Habits and routines are the key to unlocking your true potential as a runner.

Make Running a Habit

April: Get more endurance by building your base. Learn the tricks to building a strong base that will allow you to keep going farther and farther.

Building Your Running Base

May: Get Stronger by hitting the hills. By the end of this month you will love the hills, up and down.

12 Reasons I Love Running Uphill

June: A running coach can help you run faster. Learn about the benefits of having a coach and how to find one that suits you.

Sidenote: I currently have openings for a limited number of new runners in my schedule. Email me.

Running Coach Resource

July: Be a smarter runner by learning the part nutrition plays in your running. Be inspired to eat smart and fuel your running machine.

Eat Like a Runner

August: The weekly long run is crucial to building your base and going farther. How can you run 10, 15, 20, or 30 miles with ease? Find out this month.

How to Run Longer

September: Be a stronger runner by running day after day, in other words, Consistency. Get motivated and be inspired to stay consistent.


October: Sign up for a race and the impetus will be there to run faster. Learn how to train for specific race distances and run them fast.

7 Reasons to Run a Marathon

November: Get smarter and keep on educating your running self. The well of running information is endless. Start here.

10 Books to Make You a Better Runner

December: Running farther and more means making the time to run. How can you manage your most valuable asset to ran farther? Stay tuned.

5 Tips to Find Time to Run


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Call for comments: What are your goals for 2017?

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  1. Jennifer Brown says:

    Can’t wait to apply these suggestions! Thank you!

  2. Toi Cedillos says:

    This is an informative site! I have read a few other blogs and they have all been great.

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