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Running Motivation #1–Running Log

Note: This post is the first of ten that will delve into getting and staying motivated to run stronger.

Every successful runner uses some form of a running log.

It can be as complex as an online training website(I like Dailymile) or as minimal as a Hipster’s PDA(I use a moleskin and an excel spreadsheet.)

Here’s why a running log will motivate you to run:

Running Log Tips:

  1. Start Simple-track miles and times.
  2. Slowly add stats-how you felt, time of day, weather, which shoes you wore, type of workout, heart-rate.
  3. Review every week and month-look back and see what worked, then readjust your goals for the week or month.
  4. Record Strength training or cross training-these training sessions will play a big part in you being a stronger runner.
  5. Make it Fun-running should be fun. Enjoy the process, and don’t rush progress. It is a lifestyle, so make it what you want it to be.
  6. Turn it into a Habit-after each run write in your log. Do this for  60 days and it will be a running habit.


Call for comments:

Do you keep a running log?

What tips do you have?


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