StrongerRunners : run, be strong


‘Methinks that the moment my legs began to move, my thoughts began to flow.’~~Henry David Thoreau



Stronger Runners is about motivating and inspiring people to run. First, by helping people build a running routine and then slowly branching off that routine to create a stronger runner with other running habits.

Carving out a niche of time every week, possibly every day, to run, will help you focus, feel successful and bring innumerable other benefits.

This website will help you find that time. It will deliver a couple compelling and potent posts every week on: running routines related to motivation, training, progressing, healthy eating habits, strength exercises, goals and the minimalist art of running. Each and every post will give you concrete tips on how to be a stronger runner.

Becoming a stronger runner does not happen overnight, it is an ongoing process that brings satisfaction.

So, enjoy each and every step of being a stronger runner.

run, be strong.

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