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The Art of Running


Yes, running is an art. But, only when you pay attention to it.

It is so easy to get caught up in putting in miles on top of miles, and never giving them a thought.

Mindless running does have it’s place. It can be therapeutic to just run while you let your mind wander and subconsciously work out your life’s stresses and difficulties.

Then, there are the days when you should pay attention to every stride.

Asking yourself:

How is my form?

Am I running sloppy?

Like any other art, every runner has his techniques and idiosyncrasies. The best artist’s learn to work with them and master them.

So, even though we can not totally change our way of running, we can pay attention, and tweak our form to run stronger and more efficiently.

Here are a couple places to learn about good running form:

Good Form Running

Momentum Sports

Pose Method

Natural Running Center


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