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The Morning Running Habit

‘This is the best—

throwing off the light covers,

feet on the cold floor,

and buzzing around the house on espresso—’~~Billy Collins, Morning


I love the mornings. A strong coffee, a period of studying, hearing the birds greet each other and watching the sun being pulled out from the horizon.

And, getting in a morning run.

Having a solid morning running habit has helped many runners get stronger.

I have found that when I don’t run in the morning, the responsibilities of daily life creep in and the tendency is to push the run off until it has been buried until the next day.

My morning habit:

1. 4:45-Up & make coffee

2. 5:00-Read and Study

3. 6:00-Run

4. 7:00-Post Run Breakfast

5. Coffee with my wife

6. Begin the Daily Activities

It is true early mornings may not be for everyone, but have you at least given them a good try?

 Become a Morning Runner:

1. Start Slow–Wake up 15 minutes earlier than usual. Do it for a month and try 15 minutes earlier the next month.

2. Set up the night before–Get all of your running clothes set out, so that you can slip into them with out even thinking about it.

3. Coffee–Give yourself enough time to wake up, sip some coffee, tea or water. Rushing straight from the bed to the road is not ideal.

4. Love the run–Enjoy the benefits of the morning run: awakening muscles, clean crisp air, peace and quiet and knowing you are accomplishing something before most people have even awakened.


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Call for comments:

Are you a morning runner?

What is the best part of the morning run?

One response to “The Morning Running Habit”

  1. Jimmy says:

    Spot on! Getting out and running early is the best way for me to get my run in. Thanks for the great post.

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