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The Reward of Running


“Why do you run?”

“Who are you running from?”

“I hate running!”

Don’t you love it when people throw these twisted riddles at you? As runners we hear it all the time, the naysayers, that will never understand why we run.

But, they do not need to understand why we run. Because we know why.

We run,


The Reward.

The reward of:

feeling alive as our muscles awaken.

letting our minds clear after a hard day.

feeling fast and strong.

seeing progress.

struggling to run a mile, and a year later, running endlessly, tirelessly.

finishing a race distance, winning our age group, winning the race.

powering up the hills, and floating down the other side.

sweating profusely.

sucking in cold winter air, and surviving the sweltering summer heat.

being outside.

eating what we like, when we like.

knowing we will always run, and saying

“We run, because we are runners.”


What is your running reward?


Create Your Running Habit.


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