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WOW(Workout of the Weekend)


The weekend is the perfect time to get a strong workout in, one that will make you a stronger runner.

This week’s WOW is a great way to put in some speed work with out much thought. You can even do it during your long run if you want to.

WOW–Speed Pick-ups

Mile 1-Very Easy Pace(your regular pace +15 seconds per mile)

Mile 2-Easy Pace(your regular run pace)example: 8:00 mile

Mile 3-Pick-up Pace(-15 sec from Easy Pace)example: 7:45 mile

Mile 4-Pick-up Pace(-15 sec more)example: 7:30 mile

Mile 5-Pick-up Pace(-15 sec more) example: 7:15 mile

Mile 6, 7, 8, 9, 10-Keep with formula until you feel that you are starting to lose running form or getting close to your Race Pace.

Cool Down- At least 1 mile.

This work out is great for beginners or veterans. How many miles you pick-up speed will depend on your endurance, running experience and distance of the run.

Be sure not to run too hard if you are not use to speed work. Start with one or two miles of pick-ups.

Even one or two miles at a faster pace will build your strength and speed.

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