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Your Running Goals-Part 1


Running goals will help you become a stronger runner.

Without them you are a ship with no destination being bounced around by the wind and waves.

Running goals can be overwhelming. They may seem so high that you will never reach them.

It is good to have between 3-5 small running goals helping you reach your Big Running Goal. These smaller running goals all work together, mending themselves to strengthen you.

For example:

Your Big Running Goal:

Run a marathon

5 Small Goals to Get you there:

1. Run 5 days a week

2. Run 30 miles a week

3. Run one long run a week

4. Do one Strength Workout a week

5. Eat Healthy


These five simple goals will build you up to successfully run a marathon.

What is your Big Running Goal?

What Small Goals will you use to reach it?

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